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The name "2channel" is allegedly a reference to how RF modulators, commonly used for connecting earlier-generation game consoles (such as Family Computer by Nintendo) to television sets, default to VHF channel 2 in Japan.

Since 2channel's servers were located in the United States, the website enjoyed a greater degree of immunity to legal action from within Japan, in comparison to its predecessors.

scraping the contents of the entire 2channel website and costing the original 2channel website significant bandwidth costs.

Currently 2continues to scrape the contents of 2channel in real-time.

Check these games' pages if you want details on what Working Designs did.------------ Sega CD ------------Lunar: The Silver Star (Sega CD) -- patch v1 (2/24/17) Tested all the way through and should work fine.This claim was openly mocked by Nishimura on 2channel's splash page, and nothing of the sort happened, although 2channel's Japanese ISP ended its operations.Though the site has a rule to delete illegal postings defined under Japanese law, the scale and anonymous nature of the site makes a prompt response difficult.Detailed patching instructions are included in the download links above, but the tl;dr is "Drag-and-drop your BIN or ISO onto the appropriate file" (or do things manually if you're not using Windows).Let me know if you run into any problems using these, or if you know of some additional difficulty changes Working Designs made that I didn't fix.

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