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The big banks really are a miserly bunch aren't they?First, they slash easy access savings rates as low as 0.01% in a series of drastic cuts.No, you are probably not going to meet Damian, fall in love, get married and have goregous irish singing babies, but there's no harm in wondering what's going on.Following him around with your video camera, maybe :p And since everybody is obviously wondering, as far as I can tell, yes, Jenna and Damian are back together.She even went to LA to visit him this past week (see twitter).Even as a Damian adorer myself, I'm very happy for them. I just hope that the distance, and his fame on Glee won't tear them apart again.

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His first appearance was in Pot o' Gold, where he was Brittany's 'leprechaun'. Sam then asks what her name is and he answers "Christopher" but the others say "Jenna". he may look like someone u think u no but have u rlly met him, tlked to him, gotten to no him?? Yes Damian's single now :) :) hehehehhe *thinks of an evil plan for the next girl damian dates* I must say i would be jealous if any girl dates damian I might do something very horrible to her i'm a jealous fan plus i think i have real feelings for him and I think we not have this disscussion no more if I were damian i would tell you to stop the conversation here before it gets out of hand Damian and Jenna are back together..went to the GLEE concert in Dublin together, hit the beach together and are holidaying abroad with a bunch of their mates next week...sorry girls she's "The love of his life"... He just gave an interview with some of the glee project cast where Sam asks him if he has a girlfriend and he says yes. So let poor Damian live his own life and STOP STALKING THE POOR KID!!! I joined the fanclub because I'm head of the school ct fanclub, and the other girls (and one guy...) want me to find pictures of Damian for our collage for the yearbook. i agree 2, he has controll of his life, not evry1 else, he can be who he wants and he can do wat he wnts without ppl like u guys watching his evry move evry second of his life, now plz jst let him be, he may be gorgeous, he may be able 2 sing, but does tht make him like an alien from like, a distant galaxy?? They could just be two friends vacationioning together and going to a out of his presonal yeah maybe they are but just stop posting things about them so no more drama and gossip goes around,that seems to happen when someone posts something about them or his personal life. Crushing on a Celebrity means seeing the show every year, getting an autograph and framing it, and if you're lucky becoming friends on My Space.

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