Dondria and bow wow dating

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The gathering was a happy reunion, as many artists hadn’t seen each other in years – some had never even met!“In all these years, this is the first time that Bow Wow and Chris Kelly have ever met,” announced Dupri during the dinner.Thanks to Saptosa Foster of The 135th Street Agency for sending the photos.

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[JE] Hey lil mãe[BW] Eu estou cavando ya estilo, amar ya smile.

“Bow Wow is a product of Kris Kross, so the fact that we can bring everyone together like this means a lot.” “This is my way of saying thank you for helping me build the So So Def empire,” continued Dupri.

“This is a historical moment, so tonight I’m celebrating you. But enjoy it, because that will never happen again!

I think it's 'bout time for you to hang up the phone. Tell her that I need somebody,someone I can share my time wit.

Ya father probably got his ear to the door (so,look)Its best to tell you I'll just holla tomorrow,just hit me on the hip I promise to call [laughs].[Chorus][JE] I need a lil momma that ain't wit the drama.

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