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However, the airings of the final two episodes were left mostly unedited, with only a few elements being affected—namely the guns used by Azrael, Patrick Zala, and one of the ZAFT soldiers (which was given neon-colored lights in certain but not all of the image frames), airbrushing the naked Flay's body in the final episode to avoid showing her cleavage, reducing the amount of blood shown, editing the character's lines; to remove either inappropriate language or controversial lines, and the removal or altering of flashbacks of graphic assassinations.The Canadian version debuted on YTV's Bionix block in September 2004 at p.m.Please note that this is the Gundam Wiki's article on the television series; if you are looking for the article on the eponymous theory about human evolution from the series then you should head to SEED a 2002 anime television series created by Sunrise.

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The genetically altered Coordinators provide a vision for the future in a world fraught with talk of GM food and cloning.It aired in Japan from October 5, 2002 to September 27, 2003 at p.m.on the JNN TV stations (Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS TV), Mainichi Broadcasting System (MBS TV, producing TV station), etc.).However, since most retailers had stopped carrying the Gundam line due to over-saturation from the G Gundam series, this soon became a lost cause.Only the final episode was given the TV-PG-SV rating rather than the usual TV-Y7 rating.

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