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A month after the Iran-Iraq war broke out in late 1980, the Arab governments had sided with Iraq and the situation had become politically dangerous for Arafat.So much so that Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf states cracked down on their Palestinian populations.One cannot imagine that they were pleased to hear Arafat announce his goal of exporting the Iranian revolution to the Gulf States (see above), because this would mean deposing the governments in the Gulf States.And yet Yasser Arafat remained close to his friend Khomeini.Not even the mainstream Western media, so often a cheerleader for Arafat, was denying that most of the violence was due to the activities of Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, a Fatah terrorist group.Israeli officials said documents captured last year in a massive military raid on the West Bank [Judea & Samaria] after a series of suicide bombings inside Israel showed the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, which carried out many of the attacks, was an arm of Fatah, Arafats political ...[T]he once-frosty relationship between Iran and Arafat appears to have thawed since the outbreak of the [second] intifada in September 2000.This process quite suddenly represented the terrorist PLO/Fatah as a moderate organization that wanted to make peace.So to keep matters propagandistically consistent, Iran just had to accuse Arafat of treason against the Palestinian cause, while Arafat just had to pronounce himself in public against Iranian terrorism.

Only four days later Arafat was already in Teheran, celebrating the Iranian theocratic Islamist revolution, and promising to help export it everywhere.

It is obvious, however, that if Yasser Arafats ideology was to spread the Iranian Revolution, then he was an Islamist.

Historian Howard Sachar, writing in 1982, agreed with how the New York Times To understand just how intimate the relationship between the Islamist Iranian government and PLO/Fatah, one must take into account that such a strong alliance with the Iranian Shiites angered almost every Arab government that was supporting PLO/Fatah.

And Im prepared to negotiate that peace right away. But Netanyahu has also said: We should be assured that this country [the future PLO/Fatah state] is not used as a staging ground for Iranian-sponsored terrorist attacks on us.

So if PLO/Fatah is a proxy of Iran, the Israeli governments behavior is also quite interesting.

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