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However, I try to make sure all my work is linguistic in nature, as I really feel that in order to investigate things in language you need to have some training in linguistics.All of my courses (except some statistics and research methods courses) are about language, and because of my degree structure I have been able to take courses run by the linguistics department as well as by the psychology department.I didn’t, because I knew that I wanted to do a Master’s and luckily I was financially able to go straight from undergrad to postgrad study.I know a few people who took time out to get a job and have some experience of the world before going back into university.If you have any more questions for Amie, Tom, or Pippa, contact us and they’ll be happy to answer!

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Luckily, my university were very supportive, but that might be because I was applying to stay here.

If you don’t like it much before you start, you will hate it halfway through!

Talk to the course organisers of the course you want to go into – they are normally really nice and will tell you a lot more about the course that you might want to know, and it also helps you check that it is the sort of place you want to go.

I always wanted to study psycholinguistics, so I knew to look for courses which focused on this.

There are a few other courses in the country which do this, but I chose Edinburgh partly because I already live here, and partly because as a graduating student I get a discount on my fees!

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