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It’s April 2017 and Microsoft has just released their fourth update / “version” of Windows 10 – externally referred to as the “Creators Update”.

Since I haven’t updated my “How To” on creating customized Windows media since Windows 8.1, I think we’re overdue for a follow up. I’ll preface this article by saying that Microsoft has made this effort much simpler since 2014 (when my original write up went live).

This mode, upon initial login of a new user, commences the automatic download of a plethora of (unrequested) UWP apps, thus filling the start menu with games like Candy Crush.

And just like that, we’ve now split this large WIM file into two (or possibly more) smaller files – with the largest file being 3800 MB. Because it’s less than 4 GB, the maximum file size for a FAT32 formatted flash drive!

Additionally, I couldn’t care less about a 3D Builder app.

Because of this, I have done the hard work for you and generated two groups of Powershell commands that need to be ran (as admin) – and after doing so, all non-essential UWP apps will be removed.

On your host (physical machine), open up Disk Management.

Depending on your processing power, this may take a little while.

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