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The easiest way to install Con Te Xt on Mac OSX is to use the the Mac Te X distribution.

Mac Te X is a Te XLive distribution modified especially for use on Mac OSX.

After this, on pre-El Capitan systems, pdflatex would be found in /usr/texbin, however, with El Capitan, installations to /usr are no longer allowed.

I get the error Te X may be installed I just need to find it. I checked the settings and Tex Works reports La Te X was in Installing Te X from source is weird and gross, requires a lot of patches, and only builds 32-bit (and thus can't use Homebrew deps on Snow Leopard.) We recommend using a Mac Te X distribution: https://org/mactex/ You can install it using Cask: brew cask install mactex in front of the command, though, to facilitate installation.

* The simplest method is to use Mac Te X, but as Te XLive you will not have the most recent binaries (generally frozen for a year).

The advantage is that you get Te X et al, fonts and some nice utilities, including the editor Te XShop (highly recommended) which can run Con Te Xt and Te X-Variants from within the editor without any knowledge of the command line.

Mac Te X (Te XLive distribution made especially for Mac OSX) and the Con Te Xt Suite (Standalone), recommended for all those that want the most current versions or latest developments in Con Te Xt.

Naturally, there are other ways, but they are more for experienced Mac users and those comfortable with using the command line.

Mac Te X is a product produced by the Mac Te X Te Xnical working group of the Te X Users Group (TUG).

Hence, you will now find pdflatex and other related binaries in /Library/Te X/texbin.

(Many thanks to the R-Bloggers website for this suggestion.) Just add this path to your $PATH env variable. This looks like a slightly different route to Raju Ranjan Kumar's answer.

Simply switch to the Distribution pane as shown below Well, you can only start typesetting using Texpad once you’ve installed a working La Te X distribution.

We recommend Mac Te X, which may be downloaded and installed from We recommend the standard install process, unless you’re an advanced user who can also fix a broken distribution in case things go awry!

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